Tipperary Crystal, Jardin Red Roses & Lemon Pump Handwash & Tube & Pump Handcream



Jardin Red Roses & Lemon Pump Handwash & Tube & Pump Hand cream

Inspired by the scent of six of the worlds most exquisite roses. This sumptuous fragrance oozes glamour, warmth and sophistication. With hints of lemon, this aroma is reminiscent of freshly cut flowers.

The Tipperary Crystal Body care range has been carefully selected and formulated to combine the therapeutic benefits of spa treatments, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and skin care. It is a collection of exceptionally natural, high quality skincare products, deeply relaxing and anti-stressing oils, revitalizing bodycreams, cleansing washes, exfoliating salts and therapeutic herbs, all of which help to achieve outstanding results on the face, body and mind.

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