Amber Sos Mixed Amber Anklet (childrens)

Mixed Amber Anklet for Children

Mixed Baltic Amber Beads.  Child size wrist or ankle.  The traditional best seller.

Wearing a mixed amber anklet beads against the skin is a natural remedy to ease many ongoing problems.  Simple, natural and easy to use, it promotes a calmness and aids restful sleep.

  • Top quality Baltic Amber Beads
  • Gently rounded and polished
  • Cotton thread, knotted between each bead
  • Bead Shape: Naturally rounded
  • Bead Colour: Mix of 4
  • Length: Available from 13cm to 17cm -See Size Guide
  • Plastic Screw Clasp

Anklet Size Guide

12cm   Really tiny ankle

13cm  Tiny ankle fitting between closed finger and thumb

14cm  Getting a little bigger

15cm  Good mid size for ‘standard’ build ankle

16cm  Getting a bit bigger and filling out

17cm  Chunky ankle

18cm  Good size for a larger ankle, small adult ankle and ‘standard’ adult wrist

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